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LBA 2 Speedrun Savegame Pack

Locations: Book Skip, Electric Floor, Emperor, Emperors Palace, Flying Walrus, Franco Fragment, Island CX, Jackpot, Money-Monkey, Mosquibee Jump, Queen Holo, Shitty Shot, Statue 1, Statue 2, Statue 3, Temple of Bù, Wannie Monk, Wannies Fragment, Zeelich (direct download)

By RoxerRoxer

LBA2 Glitchless Savegame Pack

Saves: Baggage Claim, Building Company, Car, Cart Jump, Casino, Dome of the Slate, Firefly Scene, Flying Walrus, Island CX, Joe Business, Palace, Pearl of Incandescence, Refinery, School of Magic, Sendell's Ball, Shitty Shot, Statue, Tralu Cave, Wannie Juke. (direct download)

By RoxerRoxer

LBA2 Speedrun Savegame Pack V2

3 Little Pigs, Book Skip, Casino, CX Hussar Skip, CX Start, Desert Fence, Electric Fence, Esmer Base, Flying Walrus, Franco Fragment, Money-Monkey, Mosquibees, Queen Holo, Shitty Shot, Statue Finale, Statue Meca, Statue Start, Wannie Fragment, Zeelich (direct download)

By RoxerRoxer