Any% in 44m 00s by Kuky_BroKuky_Bro (Obsolete)

I'm really happy about this time, there was some silly mistakes in it but overall it was pretty fun.

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Name Duration Finished at
Ball of Sendel 4m 58s 000ms 4m 58s
Emerald Moon 4m 22s 000ms 9m 20s
Zeelich 2m 40s 000ms 12m 01s
Guy in the Bar 3m 05s 000ms 15m 07s
Undergas 4m 09s 000ms 19m 16s
Island CX 13m 13s 000ms 32m 30s
Funfrock 7m 28s 000ms 39m 58s
Urn 4m 01s 000ms 44m 00s
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