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Is there a timesave in skipping the inn to get Timothy and going full speed to Rolands manor and back to Gladstone?
You will also save his passage fee which may come in handy.

I guess the main disadvantage is losing some fighting power which can make the fights slower, but should be doable on wimpy.

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Grabbing him is about 10 seconds long. I use him because it simplified my money route (you get more crowns from the Manor if you grab the compass with Timothy, netting you an extra 100 even accounting for the extra travel fee).

Most of the glitchless routing hinges on how many fireball wands you want to buy, so money is important. I had 3 different routes where I bought 1, 2 and 3 wands. 2 wands just seemed like the perfect balance, but I'm sure the route can be improved much more.

It's certainly not mandatory, I just found it convenient for my money route. Happy to see someone else getting into the game!


Thanks, makes sense to grab him then.

Another question: Do you skip the cutscene with him dying if you never grab him? I could prolly just test but it is faster to ask.

Oh djeez this game is my childhood. I don't have time right now to get into speedrunning it but i will give it a go at some point. Most likely won't beat your records though 🙂


The cutscene sadly still happens, as you can see in the very new any% route made possible by kvkbones' glitch hunting frenzy.

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