More speedruns needed! :)
5 years ago

Hey all, I tweaked the page a bit, added some pictures and more importantly timing rules (you can find them on the leaderboard).

The game is really fun and reasonably challenging (not too much, just right) to speedrun; consider giving it a shot! :)

Existing speedruns for potential tips: (1h 12m) (0h 52m)

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Pennsylvania, USA

This game has been on my hit-list for a long time, and I've streamed it a few times. I'm looking forward to speedrunning this one before too long.

P.S., GREAT time compared to the others.

@mrprmiller Thank you! :) Looking forward to your run, too; I mean, Scotia needs to be vanquished as soon as possible.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

@jenx are you going to run the game soon again? :)

@logiker Hey, welcome back! Not sure, kinda happy with the 43 minutes at the moment. I considered making a TAS or a bot though but kinda lacking the time to focus on it now. What about you, any plans for running the game? :)

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Lower Saxony, Germany

Hey all! I've been playing around in private with a speedrun of the game for a category that currently doesn't have a leaderboard and considered recording one and submitting it here. If i submitted a speedrun for a category that currently has no leaderboard, would a new leaderboard be made for that category? Or would i have to submit any% on either wimpy or normal difficulty to be able to submit a run here?

He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
3 years ago

@Tetsuya150 if no leaderboard is made there is no guarantee that you will get one for your run. If you have a good idea for a leaderboard go ahead and propose it. Though be aware that your idea won't necessarily be accepted.

Often categories that limit what is intended to be available at your disposal in the game won't be accepted like an "unarmed" or "naked" category which would just result in slower runs. Or a "no sleep" category which would be pointless given that the WR in the any% categories do not use the sleep function in the game.

A category like "ferocious difficulty" would make sense as that would be part of the game, and i assume if you did such a run a leaderboard would be made for that.

Lower Saxony, Germany

@Sirbrute Thanks for the quick response! What i've been playing around with was actually an any% glitchless run on ferocious difficulty. Just been curious whether or not it makes sense to officially submit a run like that, or if i should just try to speedrun it that way privately even if it is not an official category.

He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
3 years ago

@Tetsuya150 in that case i would contact the mods to make the ferocious difficulty available for submission. It makes sense since it is part of the game.

I encourage you to have it submitted, i think that LoL:ToC needs more speedruns and getting on a leaderboard here encourages yourself to improve and others to run too.

Lower Saxony, Germany

@Sirbrute Thanks for the feedback on that, if i get around to actually recording a decent attempt on that sometime i might contact the mods on it and see if i could submit it, even if my time on it would be bad it might start a new category and encourage people to run the game some more :D

Hey @Tetsuya150, very happy to see a new potential speedrunner here! Sorry for taking so long to weigh in on this, I'll have to take a look at my notification settings on this site again.

I think a run on ferocious would warrant a new (sub)category. I'd be happy to open one for you if you're still interesting in submitting a run. And I wouldn't worry too much about getting it perfect the first time, any run will suffice. You can always improve it later.

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