Requesting opinions on introducing glitches
4 years ago

@djeez Yes, that's the sequence of events I have right now. There might be other places where the glitch works that I didn't test yet. If there is another spot where this works after the draracle cave, glitching the lantern into the inventory bar from the draracle cave would also work.


Very interesting. Since the map and compass aren't obtainable from the ground or a niche, that leaves only the lantern and money. I wonder if there's some potential with pouches of money. Probably not but I'm curious now.

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An interesting side note which fueled my curiosity to discover this glitch, this was the result of my first test when I used the lantern item in Geron's office.

First error message:

Second error message:


More testing with the lantern glitch led me to find it works in the following places:

  • Victor's shop in Gladstone
  • Petricia at the marina in Southland
  • Dawn in the back of Droek's wagon
  • Sadie's shop in Yvel As for getting the lantern into the inventory bar, I'm not sure about the exact number of items needed but I think it's around 9 or 10 to get it from the Thug's Cave, and it's a lot more to get it from the Draracle Cave. Here are the steps I use to set up the glitch:
  1. Buy all Nathaniel's aloe/ginseng after returning from southland
  2. Copy and use them to make illegal items by clicking the swords by the fountain to reduce hp
  3. Go to Thug's Cave to place items from first load into illegal items
  4. Back to Victor's shop, save game
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It is pretty annoying that both areas with the lantern are packed with items... setting the glitch seems quite time consuming for the moment. And obviously using a pre-existing save that was created outside of the timer would fall into a new category entirely (new game+).

You would think the lantern would have a low item ID in thug's cave considering it's the second item into the cave -_- To quote Baccata... ''Bad luck!''

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@djeez But would it be considered a pre-existing save if it was using only one save with no backtracking with another save? You could go to Sadie's shop after making the elixir and save outside her door, go inside and use the lantern, reload that save and run to the back of Bruno's Lodge to save and quit from there. After restart and loading the same save you would be right at the entrance to the caverns. Or would it still be considered a new category because of the quit and restart to fix the corrupt memory? EDIT: Looking again at the time spent to set up added with the time to restart and reload takes longer than just running through the part that was skipped. Better off not using it at all.

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Well if the save is created from the same game that the run is being done on, then it's fine. I meant creating the save file before the timer begins would be considered NG+. But I guess there's an argument to be made about if save and reloads should be allowed in the first place (I do it in any% before Tower3 because, as you know, it's random if the ghosts are carrying Great Swords or not. People asked if it was allowed on stream).

Maybe there's a faster way to do all this however. Hard to tell just yet. I still haven't even had time to try it myself.

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Could this be turned into a form of arbitrary code injection?

I honestly don't know, but maybe someday this will turn into something usable.

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What the... O_O (Also what helm is that? Ok, prolly not the most important question here but...)

So I've read the video description now. The music tone played potentially being important? That would be pretty cool. With the game already broken like this and memory corruption all over the place might as well be the case. I'm kinda amazed that the game didn't crash.

Are you able to reproduce this consistently? Can you return back to a normal-ish state afterwards?

This really looks like it opens a ton of possibilities. Awesome find.


@jenx, Actually at the end of the video the game did crash, a result of picking up a third invisible item in the inventory bar. The results shown in the video are displaying a change in the way the game interprets the items, the actual items do not change at all. If I were to save the game in a state like this, then quit and reload, all the items would return to the way they were before the change. Unfortunately I don't have a way to reproduce this consistently, and returning back to a 'normal' state is unlikely without quiting and restarting the game. It's not very likely that I would be able to turn this into something that can be used, unless by some chance I start learning how to disassemble, trace the code execution, and find a way to push the needed data for the purpose of arbitrary code injection... not going to happen. Just looking at assembly gives me a headache trying to understand it, maybe someone else out there could do something with this?

He/Him, She/Her, They/Them
3 years ago

Hello folks! I have viewed @kvkbones glitch dicoveries (big probs to you!) and @djeez glitch run and noted down how i would proceed. I have done a casual playthrough which can be seen here and i also have the uncut 3½ hour recording of my stream (with breaks and reloads) on my twitch channel.

I have, however, encountered several problems with the whole creating illegal items process to obtain keys and etc. and i would like to hear if anyone could enlighten me.

  1. The Urbish mines: First time i created the three illegal items and proceeded like in Djeez run i never got the bloodstone. Second time i did get it. Is there anything specific you have to do, like encounter a certain rock monster, to get the bloodstone? Or was I just unlucky the first time? Also i see Djeez only creates two illegal items before entering mines level 3 and drinks a potion between making each item, why does this note give the note as one of the two items?
  2. Entering Castle Cimmeria second floor. I had to create 5 illegal items to get the Carrion key, but again Djeez appear to create 3 while consuming two items in between doing this. I know that counting up this adds to 5 also, but i cannot see how this would change what you get going up? Same story going up from second to third floor in Castle Cimmeria, i see Djeez consume two items then create 3 illegal items - how does this work?
  3. Sometimes i seem to not be able to find any spot close to the edge to do item duplication and only after reloading a saved game it works again. Am i just a noob or has someone else experienced this?
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Hey @Sirbrute, thanks for pinging me (at least I assume it was you :)), I don't get notified about new posts here. I don't have satisfactory answers for you as far as the glitches go, so I'm just bumping up this thread. Maybe consider pinging @kvkbones / @djeez via some other channel.

In any case, happy to see someone experimenting with any%!

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