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I am wondering everyone's opinion on this. I understand that people can submit no S&Q times to the S&Q category, but this is a bit of a cop-out to those who dedicate to S&Q runs. I am wondering what everyone's thoughts would be to S&Q requiring at least 1 S&Q.

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I agree mate.

Always thought it was a cop-out as you put it.

It's kinda like running Legacy% and submitting that for every category we have... (Except hundo duhh)


Yeah, I agree. S&Q should have a requirement of having a least one S&Q, or else it can't be submitted. Submitting a really good no S&Q time onto the S&Q leaderboards just causes unnecessary displacement.

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Well... thing is it is not really called any% S+Q, but any% no WW no OOB - and that's it!

If someone has a better time in noSQ, I don't see any reason not to accept it. It is as if you were not to accept any form of route in any%, as the 'any' clearly indicates that it's as you wish.

If someone has a faster run without SQing, well, that's a problem for the SQ runners to resolve in my opinion.

Then if you want to add a SQ restriction to it, well we have to change the name and clearly put "with SQs" where it is said in the rules at least one SQ is mandatory.


While it seems silly to have to specify a rule like "at least one SQ necessary", it seems sillier to me to have overlapping categories.


rules wont change, having a rule like "must do at least 1 s+q" is just stupid imo.

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i will submit sqwoob pb as any% and finally have a time in all cats

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