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The final tally went something like this:

No S&Q - Keep (overwhelming vote)
S&Q - Keep 17 to 11
100% - Keep (overwhelming vote)
Any% - Keep (overwhelming vote)

Legacy - Move to misc (overwhelming vote)
All Instruments - Move to misc (overwhelming vote)

Those two categories will be moved as soon as possible.

Things have died down a bit here after some longer discussions that we've had. This is a good thing! Now I think it's a good time to talk about which (if any) categories we should move to the Miscellaneous section of our LADX page. This is supposed to be a friendly discussion; if things get too heated, I'll probably stop the thread, and we can forget all about it. I would like to hear from anyone involved with LADX. If no one wants to move anything, that's cool. If people only want 1 category on the front, that's cool too. Please be serious about this.

What this thread is NOT:
-No discussion of rule changes
-No discussion of new categories
-No discussion of eliminating categories
(In the future, there will be threads covering these topics. I just think it is easiest to handle the most basic idea at a time.)

What this thread is:
-Discussion of which (if any) categories should be moved to misc. on

I would like people to vote on every existing main page category, even if you just "abstain" or "don't care". Just so we can see a full tally.

Again, if we think this is unnecessary, I can stop the thread and we can forget this ever happened! 🙂


Thread will close on 2016/05/01 10PM EDT (2016/05/02 4AM CET)


I'll go first:

-No S&Q -> Keep. It's our main category, and it's the one most people know, watch, and talk about.
-Any% -> Keep. It's our Any% category. It may not be as "popular", but every game needs an Any%.
-100% -> Keep. Kinda like Any%. It's not popular, but I think most games should have a 100% as a "main" category.
-S&Q -> Move to Misc. I have always though that S&Q was a bit unnecessary compared to S&Q. There really is not a difference between the two. I know the Japanese community runs this category, and we have tried to reach out to them, but we have not seen much. I imagine that most people do not agree with me on moving this one.
-All Instruments -> Move to Misc. This category, to me, seems to be one of the best candidates for a misc. category. It really seems like an "extra" category in feel. It's not very popular, and very seldom run.
-Legacy -> Move to Misc. Same reasons as All Instruments. It's even less popular than AI, and there are only 3 runs total for it. As much as I like this category, I don't think it's "Main Page" material.


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Same as above, except, of course, that SQ makes as much sense as noSQ 😛


All Instruments, Any% ACE, and Legacy to misc.
No S&Q, S&Q, 100%, and (true) Any% stay as "main" categories.


Agreed aullos, It doesn't matter which (no S&Q vs S&Q) we run (they're basically the same). But we tend to run no S&Q.

Also, can everyone format posts as a vote? (so it's easier to count) ❤️


Also keep in mind Dan, that RBO is not a category yet. So your vote is to move all categories to Misc., and will be counted as such.

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No S+Q - Keep as main
Any% - Keep as main
100% - Keep as main
S+Q - No opinion
All Instruments - Move to misc
Legacy - Make an "ultra misc" section, and move it there. Kappa (aka move to misc)


I am in favour of keeping No SQWWOOB, Any%, and Hundo. Those are all solid. 3 categories of varying lengths, but each is accessible.

I also feel that AI could remain as a main category. I feel that having a longer, heavily glitched category would still carry a lot of appeal. That being said, I think a longer, mostly unglitched category (ie Legacy) would also be nice to have, to bring balance to the other categories. But with AI and Legacy, i feel it should be be one or the other. I am in favour of moving S+Q and Legacy/AI to Misc. Nothing wrong there.

Also, create RBO (ww and no ww) and make it misc.


I agree with rapid: All Instruments, Any% ACE, and Legacy to misc.

Any%, Any% no wwoob, Any% no sqwwoob, 100% to main


Any% No Sqwwoob (sqwwoobie doobie doo): Main, #1 position
Any%: Main, #2 position
100%: Main, #3 position
Any% No woob: Misc
All Instruments: Misc
Legacy: Misc
ACE (is this even a thing since it's emu only???): Misc if so

Likely unpopular idea - make a category literally titled "Misc. Runs" for w/e runs that it's doubtful more than one or two people are going to run but runners would like posted here for posterity.


No Sq - keep
Any%true% - keep
Hundo- keep
No wwoob - misc
Legacy- misc


Agreeing with Rapid and dragon.

Move to miscellaneous:
-All Instruments

Keep as Main:
-Any% (No SQ/WW/OoB)
-Any% (No WW/OoB)

Whatever happens, nothing will change for me. SQ will remain as the only category I care about.


Any% no s+q - keep since people want it as main category over s+q (even tho s+q makes more sense to me)
Any% - Keep
100% - Keep
Any% s+q - misc, since not main category sadly
AI - Misc
Legacy - Misc
ACE - should not even exist, because its emu only

EDIT: made a new comment with new votes. since reading through comments made me change my opinions on things.


I agree with zorlax on this one


It seems pretty stupid to denote s+q when it has more times than hundo. More of you guys should give it a better chance.


Any% (no sqwwoobing) -> keep (#1)
Any% -> keep
100% -> keep
Any% (s+q) -> misc
AI - > misc
Legacy -> misc


Keep - No SQWWOOB, No WWOOB, 100%, Any% (no ACE)
Misc - Everything else