If there are any problems let me know! I'll try and fix it as soon as possible.
I do know that some goals are too long to be seen fully:
Get Red Tunic With Out Going Into the Color Dungeon
Get Blue Tunic With Out Going Into the Color Dungeon

Any other things, again, just let me know! (I won't be offended)



-In the Zoom feature, you can not unselect items you click. (IE, you can not go from a green to red)
-"Get the Jamaican Buzz Blob text" probably should be changed (Maybe to "Talk to a Buzz Blob"?)

That's all I've noticed so far. Good stuff so far! 🙂


Alright! Let me get right on that!

Edit: Fixed!


I am so down for bingo races


Great to hear that LeonP!
Check the resources to get the Bingo Program!


Some new ideas for consideration for addition:

-Defeat 2 Sets of 3-Of-A-Kind (D1, D7)
-Stand 6 HorseHeads in D6
-Get 5 Golden Leaves
-Defeat Mad Bomber (outside Kanelet Castle)?
-Visit 4 Fountain Fairies (Non Color Dungeon)
-Get Powder from Mushroom
-Totaka's Song in Richard's Villa
-Softlock the game :^P


A few more (since we don't have much color dungeon representation):

- Map for Color Dungeon
- Compass for Color Dungeon (or both put together)
- Defeat Stone Hinox (Color Dungeon)


-Master Stalfos drop small key


I have put a lot of thought into this today. No, I am not trying to open up a huge debate on rules, especially for something like bingo, but I think this idea will help out. If we don't want to do it, that's fine. If we all want to do it, that's cool too.

Basically, I think we should allow Wrong Warp in bingo.

In the first few minutes of All Instruments (AI), we get sword, shield, boots, bracelet, feather, (ocarina), and flippers. These are all key items for moving around in the overworld. If you got these items really fast, bingo becomes REALLY open-ended. Mabdulra has a very clear tutorial for AI, and the WW for the beginning is VERY easy (there is very little "don't touch the pixel" in it).

In addition, if we allowed WW, certain squares that we almost always used, we will have to think about whether or not we want to do them ("get tail key", "Complete D1", "Complete D2", usually, etc), and other squares that we would never do ("defeat dethyl") become a lot more likely to be done. Typically I am against WWing, but I think for bingo it's a good idea.

One of the arguments I had originally is that people who know doghouse will get a distinct advantage over those who don't. This is true. However, the reality is that no one really knows doghouse out of the current runners. Even I, who ran AI, don't know diddly squat about how the doghouse works. The only ones who would realistically get this advantage would be Mab, Deln (maybe), and Drenn. Even then, that's not a huge deal, to be honest.

I will outline all of the possibillities and let us all figure out what we think is best:

1)Disallow WW
Pros: There is no advantage for certain runners. It is easy to explain. It's what we already have done. It "makes sense". Bingos could be longer.
Cons: Certain bingo squares always get used, certain bingo squares never get used. The first 10 minutes of nearly everyone's bingo is the same. Removes a certain "open-endedness".

2) Allow WW:
Pros: Allows a lot more freedom in bingo choices. Squares will be more accessible, etc. The basic WWs are not hard, and are readily documented
Cons: Some people will not want to learn the WW's. It's a "rule" change. Advantage over some runners. Etc.

3) Allow certain WW's (get boots, feather, flippres, and dethyl):
Pros: Removes that advantage from people who "really" know the doghouse. Gives the same freedomes as 2.
Cons: Harder to explain. Is arbitrary. Same cons as above.

I like 2 and 3, obviously. (Probably 2 more than 3, although I would not be using any of the "advanced" WW's). Again, this is bingo and not a big deal. If we don't want to discuss, we do not need to. This is really not supposed to be a "drama" filled post. Just something I thought would improve something that is supposed to be fun. 🙂

What do y'all think?

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I'm all for wrong warps to be fair I'd just need to learn them. But I also don't think that there should be a rule set which is set in stone for the Bingos. Save and Quit is pretty much a given. I feel like those who are running a bingo could decide together which rule set they'd like to follow.

I see the pros of making the bingos faster, giving people freedom and taking away that same old 10min part of the game.

I also think that it'd be to everyone's advantage to learn some of the dog house and understand where they can get a few items.

So my thoughts are, Rule sets to decided before the Bingo starts, People should learn some dog house routes (even myself I know non!) and maybe having the timer start when everyone sees the seed they're doing?


Yeah, and like I said, this doesn't need to be a long, drawn out thing. This could just be something that is decided right before each race, like, "Hey everyone cool with WW for this one? Yeah? Good." Just tossing it out there.

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Well, If Bingo is still a thing, V1.3 just added more goals!