Just throwing some ideas out there for a bingo/fun run or races 🙂

If you have any more ideas add them 🙂

Get the shovel without stealing.
Get Tracey Potion
Get all items from Raft Ride.
Obtain Red/Blue Tunic.
Use Shovel to collect rupees only.
Only use Magic Powder to kill enemies on Over World.
Collect All Owl Beaks.
Use the Fairy Fountain Near D6.
Sprinkle Powder on a Buzz-Blob.
No Bomb Arrows.
100% Complete D1 (All Chests/Items)
Fish all the fish from the pond
Unlock the 4 blocks in D4 before getting the Pegasus Boots

Just some silly ideas to make into a bingo style run? (Obviously not all in 1 run)

We also used to do D3 Races so any other style race would be cool too.

Also is anybody is good at making puzzles like this one from A Link to The Past that would be cool too 🙂 http://imgur.com/flQkz (Just like this one)


I'm pretty sure SKmuffin or somebody made a bingo list of ideas of things we could do for a bingo, he has a pastebin somewhere but i dont know where to find it


Zorlax just said the same thing to me too 😛



I hope this doesn't link back to my personal email account. But this is Skmuffin's list. All credit goes to him.

Really the challenge of the bingo would be to make bingo cards and coding them. So.... yeah.


That's a great list 🙂

Unfortunately I have zero experience or knowledge on coding so I wouldn't be on any help there 🙁


Sounds great Kirky 🙂 Look forward to seeing it 🙂


Update on the Bingo Card

Sorry for the delay, School got in the way.
The layout is complete. I'm working on implementing a seed system right now. Unfortunately it will not be online, but an offline program made for keeping track of what you need to do.

Quick question.
How many goals should I put in?
All 106 on the list? I could do that.
Or should we narrow the objectives down?

Hope to have it done before the end of January / Mid-February.
Thanks for being patient!



I plan on releasing a 100% randomized version first.

Then, over time I will add more and more options to make it so you can only have certain types of goals and a limit on the certain types of goals. (Ex: Limit the number of "Get the Map and Compass" goals.)

First I want to finish it though, so that's far off in the future.


Hey Kirky thanks for all the effort you are putting into this project! For right now, my opinion (and I do not speak for anyone but myself) is that using all of the goals on that list will be good for now. What you may need to do is have your program be set up so you can eliminate / add goals over time (which, I imagine would not be TOO hard if the appropriate container is used to collect the goals).

Kind of alluded to in your last post about limiting certain types of goals: I think most bingos have a "difficulty" scale built in (or at least the old old LADX bingo did). What I mean by that, is that each goal is given a difficulty rating (say "getting 5 seashells" would be like a 2, and "getting all instruments" would be a 10), and if any column or row is too easy or too hard the board would be rerolled (or that combination would not be allowed). You might want to have the ability to put that in place, as the community may eventually discuss some goals and figure out how "difficult" they are.

Again, thanks for all your effort and hard work. I look forward to seeing / using the final product!



Now when you say adding goals, do you want an option in the program to add custom goals. (Then everyone who has the program will have to add the same goal) or do you want me to come out with a newer version with new goals that the community as a whole has picked? (It would e easier if we do a run so that we know everyone has the same goals in the program already) Either way it would be no problem. And the difficulty you would need to tell me what the minimum difficulty per row should be. Example: Each row must have the difficulty values add up to at least 15 and at most 40.

That wouldn't be a problem.


I think 15 and 40 were the cutpoints used in the original and would probably be good enough.

I think that there being "versions" of the bingo would be better. Maybe after a month or two of testing and realizing, we can batch-add 10 goals (and maybe remove some if need be). But of course that will add maintenance on your end 😛

Whatever you come out with for the first iteration, I am sure will be wonderful and plenty of fun either way!


I don't mind doing a little more work. Whenever the community decides to rank the tasks, I'll get on that!


I took a look at the bingo goals that were listed. I think a few should be changed/added/removed.

I think that each dungeon should have its own "Get Compass", "Get Map", and "Get Beak" goals. I do not know what the "Game over photo", and probably should be removed. There might be more; I just glanced at the list.


Alright. We can always add and remove goals. Thanks for your help Zorlax!


Hey! Great News! The first Version is done! It's really raw, but it works so...
Many more features will be added, and it shouldn't take as long. This version is 100% randomized. There are no limits to the difficulty of each card. Click "New Card" to be given a new set. The numbers at the bottom are for the seed. Copy and Paste that if you want that card again. To enter a pre-determined seed, go to "Enter Seed" and paste a seed. If there are any problems or goals you want removed, post below and we will decide as a community. As of now, there is no set date on when the cards will have a difficulty limit, that requires collaboration with the community. Any other questions post below and I will try to help. It is currently only for windows, so keep that in mind.

Thanks for the patience!

Download it Here: https://sites.google.com/site/kirkydirklol/home

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Holy shit! 😮


Thank you so much KirkyDirk for all the effort. Good job 🙂

Can we get this added to the resources section, mods?


Looks great 🙂
Also works perfectly on Mac via Wine for me!


Glad to hear that!

Many more things will be added once we get things sorted out!

Thanks so much for all your help Zorlax and Warr!

Hope this allows for some great runs!

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