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Has the title suggests, I'm new here. Been interested in speed running for some time now, practicing SMB1 and 3 off and on but wasn't really feeling it. Trying to figure out what game I wanted to start trying to run, etc. Then I saw Zorlax's run at SGDQ and right then decided that I wanted to get into running Link's Awakening, right now I'm practicing 100%. While I love it to death, my favorite Zelda game, I got bored of playing it before there was a DX version lol. But I've downloaded the emu+roms from the resource page, and actually have a cart of JP 1.0 coming in the mail so that I can practice on the go. Guess I'll wrap this long winded bs up with just a simple howdy, I'll be stalking the forums 😜

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Howdy Newbie o/

Welcome to the wonderful world of LADX!

Sure one of the admins will throw you an invite to the discord so you can stalk on there aswell 😛


there is a sticky thread here with the invite link:


Unless you're doing 100%. Then you can sqwwoob, you just can't wwoob. But welcome, great to see another new runner. 🙂