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LADX Speedrunning Community,
Hi, my name is Will. Just call me Almighty, Almighty Lucario, or really whatever. I just got into speedrunning LADX, and I have a few questions. First, I should probably mention that I am looking into running Any%, Any% ACE, and Any% No SandQ/WW/OOB. What I really want to know is how to approach learning catagories. I have already watched speedruns of these 3 categories, however they all seem a bit overwhelming. The only I have been able to accomplish is Any% ACE. The way I learned this category was by watching what they did in the run ( I watched Greentunic's world record run btw) and tried for myself. I was able to accomplish it, but it is a VERY inefficient method of learning the route. So, I was just wondering about how I could do this more efficiently.

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Hey! Welcome to the community!

If you're interested in learning Any% (No SQ/WW/OoB) I'd definitely recommend Zorlax's tutorial series of videos. He's got them broken down by section and he does a really good job of explaining everything without taking too long. You can find the link for these videos in the "Guides" section here.

There's nothing wrong with watching other players' runs to learn either, though. In fact, even if you learn the run with Zorlax's videos you'll probably still want to watch some more recent runs, as some strats have recently changed.

Also, feel free to join the Discord server, too. There's always people around who are willing to help.

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For the longer categories (Any% No WW/OOB, 100%, etc) the hardest sections to optimize are the dungeons, so those are at the top of your priority list (you can find savestates for the entire no S&Q run in the Resources section.) Next to that are most of the tricks you do throughout the run, such as Rooster Skip, Moblin Skip, Walrus Skip, etc. which all can easily kill your runs if you're not good at them. And finally, optimizing your inventory is pretty important too, as there is around 90 equips you do in no S&Q, which - if you take more than 1 second to equip stuff on each pause - can add up pretty quickly. Optimizing overworld movement doesn't take that long to do, nor is it very difficult to get used to, so don't worry about it too-too much when first learning the game.

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Rapid_ and Spiratser,
Thank you guys SOOOOOOO much for all the tips! I really appreciate it. That was VERY useful info. Honestly, when I started I had no idea what to do first, but thanks to you and this great community I have been able to understand how to go about learning these categories! Once again, thanks SO much!

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Streaming learning or runs can also be very helpful to learning, because runners usually drop by LADX streams and help people out when they're learning.

I for one enjoy watching new runners learn the game, and giving tips for things I see that might be helpful.

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Well I'm not too sure if I will be able to stream any time soon. It's kinda a long story, but my Mom won't let me stream. I'm fairly young; 12 almost 13 ( btw I will be 13 in quite literally 1 week from tomorrow). So, my Mom isn't to keen on the idea of me streaming due to safety reasons. She says that she is thinking about, but she really is stuck in the middle. She isn't saying no, but not really yes either. I can maybe convince her, but it might take awhile. Anyways, thank you for your suggestion. I'll be sure to tell you if I am able to stream!