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Hey guys, I see all of the resources and stuff here to help players get started. I was wondering if there was some active community Discord or Skype group I could join in. I saw the SGDQ run and was hit with a big nostalgia wave.



Here is the Discord. It should last a day or so. If you wanna join the Skype group from there, let one of us in the Discord know.



Thanks for the quick response 😃 Got the link, going to work on some learning of the routes later tonight. Any recommendation for first route to learn?

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Howzit! =D We do have a Discord server, however I'm either not Discord-savvy enough to see the invite link, or I don't have permission to generate it for the main channel. But we have one, and someone who is more savvy can help you out with that!

Until then, the 'resources' tab here at has a lot of great things. The Emulator pack includes everything you need to get started -- including many save states (so you can practice what you want) and very handy notecards summarizing different parts of the run.

Man, look, that wasn't there when I started typing. 😱

100% isn't a bad one to start with -- you're able to get rid of all your NPC buddies which makes certain things a lot easier. As said during the run, though, 100% will feel a lot less tense. If you miss something, you can grab it later -- it might be slower, but it's not "aw, man, gotta reset the whole run" slower every time. You also have more health to play around with.

It is about 30 minutes longer, though -- I started with any% NoSQWWOOBs as it's easier to add extra item collection into a run than the other way around, at least to me.


I do like the fact that 100% might be easier to run. I used to run Paper Mario where we would be only running on fumes for the entire run. 0 wiggle room and no HP upgrades, ect. I might start with the any% NoSQEEOOB (think i got that right) and work my way up to 100%. I definitely am not going to only play 1 category when you guys have so many nice categories. Thanks for all the info by the way, by far one of the more active communities I've ran into.


Yea, Any% No S+Q/WW/OoB is the main category for this game, and run by the majority of the community. The WR holder, ZorlaxSeven who did the SGDQ run today has a full run video tutorial on the run that is REALLY good, and pretty much completely up to day on the current route. Would strongly suggest watching it, even if you're learning 100% to learn the tricks and a lot of the more intricate parts of the run. There are links to it in the guides section here.


Even though it's what I started on, I wouldn't recommend starting with the true any% category just because it can burn you out fast and also kinda hinders you on learning the other much longer categories. I went months without learning the main category just because it was so different to the thing I had learned first. So Any% No S+Q/WW/OoB or 100% is an awesome start point.