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Last night a few of the runners had a race and unfortunately Disclude ended up Freezing hot head in his place. (See video below)

So today myself and a few others decided to figure out why this had happened and also what to do if it does happen.

Discludes Hot Head

What we tested and figured out :)

So if this happens again don't kill yourself just carry on killing hot head 🙂

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I cannot express how happy this makes me.

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It's still one of the greatest LADX moments ❤️

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Oh man the sadness in his voice is too priceless.

"Is this real? My run's ooooooohhhver, WHAT THE FUCK. Well I have to die now.... and I can't even fucking die to him. I have to fucking take one hit at a time in the lahhh vahhhhh. This is a fucking REAL thing?! Welp, fuck my run dude."


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and just like that... a new copypasta was born

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Time to spam it in the Discord and @Disclude ❤️