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Hi, I just wanted to know if it is alright to play on a keyboard, a joystick, a d-pad or a hitbox, is it free to choose any of thoose controls?

I also would like to know a thing about save states. I had a save state in the run I submitted here, Link's Awakening Any%. I had to test some things and the save state was just in the beginning where you can choose or create a file, so it was before the game started. Is that allowed, or is it mandatory to reset the game? The result is the same.


Hi, welcome to the community!

You can play on any of those controller types as long as you do not use turbo, macros or anything else that would give you that type of advantage over other players (comfort is not an advantage).

As for the beginning save state, that would only affect RNG which cannot be manipulated in runs (currently.) Therefore, I'd say its legal.

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Hello there and thank you very much!

Nice, I never use turbo buttons and I don't know what macros are hehe. But I mostly prefer a keyboard becaus it feels more ergonomic in my opinion, sometimes I use a d-pad as well. But it's great to know since different controls can be nice to use!

Good, otherwise I would have to report my own run but then it is fine, I just had to ask. Thank you for your answers.


I'll second Rapid here. Save states to load the beginning of the game and stuff are fine, as long as you aren't using them to advance further (sounds like you aren't). Keyboards are fine, just no turbo like Rapid said. I know a lot of runners prefer keyboard when playing on emulator the "keyboard master race". Whatever works for you is fine.

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Thank you for your reply. Great to know, I would never use save states other than in the very beginning to load the files for an example, in submitted runs. It would be visible as well. I do not use save states in other playthroughs either. I only use it whil practicing, or in some videos where I want to show different things or parts of a game, but it is s comlpete different thing. And it is visible of course.

Great, beacuse I started to think after I submitted my run if it was alright, if it would not be alright, I would have to report my run. But since keyboards or joysticks and so on are allowed, and a save state like in my example, to load the files, then it is fine. Nice, it seems that most people use d-pads, I like them too but keyboards are more ergonomic for me I think. I suppose it doesent matter if you use the arrow keyes for directional inputs or wsda or something else, or switch between them in different games.