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Backstory: I wanted to play LADX at work during breaks so I got it from the Nintendo shop. Problem is some glitches don't work to my horror.

Question: What version does the shop use and what guides are available for said version for 100% and any%? (I prefer doing 100% runs though).


I'd guess that if you purchased LADX from some online Nintendo shop, it's going to be version 1.2. (I don't own modern consoles, so I don't really know much about online marketplaces). If you're running 1.2, you're going to have problems.

Any% (the ~4 minute long category) SHOULD work with any version if I'm not mistaken.

As far as No S&Q or 100%, there are no "up to date" guides. But if you REALLY wanted to run those categories with the version you have now you have some options for tutorials.

I believe this tutorial will work for 100%

And I believe this tutorial will work for No S&Q

Good luck and happy running!


Thanks. I hope it's going to be fun re-learning the game with fewer glitches.


It's still fundamentally the same game. I preferred it the older way, with fewer glitches. But I'm the minority on that view.


Thanks for that one Bamboo.

After looking at various run varieties, it looks like the Legacy one is close to what I would be doing with version 1.2?


You could definitely run Legacy on 1.2, but the old No S+Q route (the tutorial by Leon that Zorlax posted) is a good option, too. It's slower than the current No S+Q route, but it's a really good run.


ah yes, I overlooked you run on 1.2.
then probably LeonP's tutorial works best for you.