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I need some help with a personal run I've been working on to find a feasible, if not acceptable route to take. I've pretty much found a working route for the Any% run, but I have no idea where to start on the 100% run.

It helps watching at 2x speed
My pitiful Any% run I did as practice.

My rules are below.

Any% Rules
Beat the game
Wrong Warp is allowed such as doghouse, but only screens you can find through a normal non-glitched run are allowed.
OOB screen transitions are allowed up to two (2) screen transitions. Returning to the original screen counts as one (1).
The same rule applies for Super Swim (Super Jump in the water)
All Dungeons must be entered and exited through normal game entrances.
All Bosses Defeated

All the above rules.
All Photos
Trade sequence completed
All three (3) item upgrades (bomb, magic, arrow)
Red or Blue Tunic (Tunic Glitch is allowed as an acceptable alternative to change your color as opposed to going to the Color Dungeon).
All Items on the main item screen including the health potion.
Dungeon Items like keys, boss keys, maps, ect are not required. I.E. Super Jumping into the Boss room in Dungeon 5.


If you would like a similar run that utilizes the majority (all) of the glitches, there's an existing category called Reverse Boss Order


I have a long week at work ahead of me (boss took a vacation), but I'll definitely give it a look at during my slow time.