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Everyone has something they're renowned for doing in runs such as falling in certain pits failing jumps or deaths or entering certain dungeons with 1 heart.

For me it's always grabbing the Heart Piece of Shame 😃 (I don't even avoid it)

So what things do you guys/gals always do in your runs?

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chest turns, swag maneuvers in general 😎

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Haha the Ping Pit is great @pingtoe 😃

Haha Zorlax is renowned for making WR's in his runs 😉


Being bad in general, and forgetting the egg's maze path. Oh and resetting the frog maze after unlocking the cave, just by dashing near it without entering it ¤sigh¤


I love the swag kills in the caves near "the guy" as well as using the hookshot to swag between blocks in the D6 room right of the entrance with the flying tiles... "swag... swag... swag..."


switching my no S&Q run into a S&Q run after softlocking


So... Jeep is known for "pulling a Cravone"? 😛


didn't know it was a cravone ?!


I forgot about that zorlax lol, yeah, save and quit by accident and submitted the run for S&Q.


Dashing past the D4 keyhole in S&Q --> running up the mountain --> thinking:"God dammit, not again!"

Edit: I also tend to take the warp hole just once after getting the Fish Key, and just dash towards Goponga Swamp (is that a sign that i should run no S&Q?)

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Apparently I'm very good at screwing up Hothead.

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Messing up the block push room (Aka hardest room in the game) in D8...


List (many are repeats, but you can think of them as "Pulling a X"):

Disclude - Hothead fight
Flynn - Flynn jump (The pit jump by the beach)
Aulos - "Pulling an aulos" (Doing the hookshot jump across the gap in old D7... without the ball)
Cravone - Saving by mistake and submitting it as a S&Q run
Sickynar - Single slashing all four moblins in the Moblin cave
RustySneakers - "Rusty's Grave" (Log Cave)
Seabass - "Swag, swag, swag" (D6 swag, and killing green slime in first cave on Tal Tal)
Giuocob - the "Curse of Giuocob" (missing the first sideways block push in D8)
Daemona (old 100% runner) - 100% consistent buffered Rooster Skip
Geese - Shoutouts2Geese
Grayont - the MLG equip (switching shield to A in Tarins House)
Aslion - 15 BB's
ElPhezo - 1:10 sword get!
ZorlaxSeven - Failing Nightmare Moldorm quick kill, (HPOS, jump in the cave before D6, D5 nightmare key jump, Zorlax Wraps, Zorlax Pixel etc)

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nah I don't save by mistakes, I softlock and then S&Q and continue in the S&Q category


There was a time where I used to fall in D4 when I had to go in D7...

And I still do Goomba surfing in D7 even if I run DX 😛

And I trigger the pits in D2 mini boss room for swegswegsweg.

And I guess I love damage boosts.


im known for failing trendy game often ... "first try trendy"

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