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Just in case you're unsure of when the weekly races are.

1st race starts

• 10am 11am PST (Sunday)
• 1pm 2pm EST (Sunday)
• 6pm 7pm GMT (Sunday)
• 7pm 8pm CET (Sunday)

2nd race starts

• 1pm 2pm PST (Sunday)
• 4pm 5pm EST (Sunday)
• 9pm 10pm GMT (Sunday)
• 10pm 11pm CET (Sunday)

3rd race starts

• 4pm 5pm PST (Sunday)
• 7pm 8pm EST (Sunday)
• 12am 1am GMT (Monday)
• 1am 2am CET (Monday)

European Day Light Saving Times Have Been Added

If you have the LADX Discord then you can join into the #Races voice chat in there.

Races are done using SRL and the SRL code will be given out in LADX Skype and in the LADX Discord.

Times will be edited when daylight savings start/end.

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I'll try to make it to next weeks race! They look pretty fun 🙂

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Anyone down for setting up weekly Bingos?


I think people have tried to do Bingos between the two races as there's around a 2hr gap between them. But a set day+time would be good 🙂


How does Daylight Savings time affect these race times? (Serious question)


I'd say as if changes in the US first, all GMT/CET times should just be -1 hour until it changes in Europe [Last Sunday of March]

I might be wrong as I've not long woken up 😃

As the West Coast is now 7h behind and East is only 4h behind UK right now.


I am also curious about the times of races now. Ill be monitoring Discord seeing if anyone hops on. Im guessing it will be chaos trying to run these over the next few weeks 😉


Weekly Race times update,

EU Friendly Race Times.

If your timezone is missing let us know we can add those in too!