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I completed a single run of 100% during the 12 Hour Challenge and had tons of fun with it but no time to speedrun it more. Now that I have time on my hands, I'm learning the new route and strats and plan on doing runs soon. Today, I practiced the Buffered Rooster Skip and dipped my toe in Unbuffered Rooster Skip to see how well I could do and after practicing it for 2 hours, I was able to do it with a consistency of 1/4. I'm kind of considering doing URS right away in runs.

Just out of curiosity, for those who do URS, how consistent were you at it when you first started doing it during runs? How much practice did you do to get that consistency? Do you do BRS or URS during races with other runners? Share your experiences/advice/anecdotes related to this wonderful trick.


Well when I and a lot of the runners started, there wasn't a reliable way to buffer rooster skip so I just went straight to unbuffered. It didn't take long to get pretty consistent at it but even now it kills runs occasionally if I decide not to switch to the slow pause buffer, map buffer strat.


Yea. I myself have done unbuffered rooster skip since I started running this game since there was no consistent buffered method then. I used to get 3-6 try rooster skip sometimes.(Hell, it can still happen) But it's definitely something you'll keep practicing, even when you think you're good at it, just to keep the skill lvl up on it.

Now that we have the consistent buffered method, I use it only for races and ONLY if the first jump is bad, or if bow-wow is getting in the way in that race.

As for practice amounts, there's no number that is 'enough'. It's something you'll be practicing all the time, just work on it as much as you feel comfortable doing.


Rooster skip is one of those things that just doesn't work when you first start out with it. It's like some weird mystical trick that only works on rare occasions. I don't know, you just spend some time doing it, and eventually you get it down. You'll learn which pixels are good, and which are bad. You'll find your rhythm, and eventually it works.

As for the amount of time, I couldn't tell you how long I practiced it. I CAN say that when I first started, I put a full 8 hour day into it (because I wanted to learn the full run without that being a factor). I don't know, I say as soon as you're somewhere in the range of 75% success is a place where you can really implement it into runs.

HOWEVER, since 100% is a save and quit category, unbuffered is not that big a deal, and you should only put it in if the ~8-10s is something you think you need/want.


Like everybody else here, I had to learn the unbuffered strat, because there wasn't a buffered version when I started running LADX. I used to make sure I got it 2-3 times in a row before almost every run I started, and my consistency in runs was pretty good. However, I took a few breaks from the game, and lost my muscle memory for it, so buffered has been a godsend. In the last 5ish months, there's only been 1 time I've failed rooster skip in a run, and it was because bow-wow got in the way. Like Zorlax said, unbuffered only matters if you really need those 8-10 seconds of timesave. But starting out, I'd recommend buffered.


Very interesting. I forgot that the current buffered setup was a relatively new thing. Thanks for sharing everyone.