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Hi, i want to learn link's awakening dx so i have few questions:
1.what emulator to use tutorial/notes
3.difficulty of glitches there a backup for every glitch if i don't manage to learn it ?
Thanks 🙂


1. BGB or Gambatte . VBA is banned due to inaccuracies, and so is the SGB 1 (if you plan on running on console at some point)
2. The most up to date guide is Xander's written guide there is also a very useful video guide by Zorlax, however the route he explains is quite old
3. Difficulty in this game mostly stems from the routes nowadays. The route Vlack uses in his WR, for example, is very challenging as it has over 15 high-stakes frame perfect tricks (Jesus jumps) scattered throughout the run. Other than that, the hardest trick is probably bufferless rooster skip as it has 2 frame perfect tricks with limited retries. Dong skip is also difficult, but once you learn it its not so bad.
4. I'm pretty sure Xander's guide describes the easiest route, but if not GreenTunic's run would make a good supplement. Rooster skip has a buffered method that is covered in both guides I mentioned above. The backup for Dong Skip can be found in Zorlax's tutorial

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