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Hey guys, figured I'd go ahead and introduce myself like I've seen a few others doing. I've been learning LADX off and on since about December, but really started committing a lot of time to it over the last month. Last night I completed my first Any% No WW/OOB (No S+Q) run of around 1 hour and 12 minutes. It was a pretty lousy recording and I made a lot of mistakes, so I'm hoping to improve that time very soon and make an official submission.

I have a few other world records for various games, but I'm enjoying LADX so much I think this is going to be my focus for quite a while. Look forward to seeing you all in your streams!

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Yo, welcome, and grats on your first run. It's always nice to get more new runners for this game!

I've seen you around in Zorlax's stream a few times I think, good to see you've taken the time to learn the game. I'm sure you'll have a good run in no time.

Feel free to join the discord if you want; there's a sticky on this forum with the link to it. Pretty much all the runners hang out in there. We chat, have fun, organize races for the game, etc.

Otherwise, have fun with the game, and welcome once again~ 😃

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