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You see I don't like going all the way around up through the mountain. Would this be an acceptable route to take because the current OOB rules say that I can't screen transition while in a place I'm not normally supposed to be. As long as you jump down after passing the rock it doesn't break the rule.

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I thought the rule was that you couldn't go more than one tile away from in-bounds or something similar to that.

I can't find the post now, but the wording made it so the Blaino skip in D8 was no longer allowed; the same wording would disallow the route used here.

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I can't find the post where I went into detail about the "+1 rule" that we have kinda stuck to for the main category, so I'll just reiterate it here.

You are allowed to go (without transitioning screens) 1 tile in N/S/E/W direction from a tile Link can normally move on (without glitches). This allows super jumps to be done to get OVER certain blocks and such, but limits things like this. This is used a lot in dungeons to help the SJs be used. In your scenario, Link hops over the rock "wall" which is the +1 tile allowed, and goes another tile north. Those tiles are 2 away and don't fit within those rules.

There was a lot of argument on this to try and get Super Jumps (this trick) into the run without completely busting it wide open (super swim etc). It took some time tweaking the wording to allow/disallow the ones the community agreed on.

TLDR: This is NOT allowed by the current rules since you go more then 1 tile away from a normal movable tile. In this same design, the tile used in the D8 Blaino skip is also further then 1 tile which is why that jump is also banned from the runs. If you need more clarification I can hunt through the posts to find the exact stuff (we had a lot of debate a while back on it)

EDIT: The old rules discussion was back on the ZSR forums: There is a post a few down from that big one I posted asking specifically about that room and why it isn't allowed.

NOTE: this is a little old (I think we have since changed things like the Yellow tiles) where Link can't move on certain spaces which is where the Blaino skip ended up being NOT allowed.


That's a bummer. Oh well. Thank you, you both were helpful.


Yea, being able to do that trick would mean needing to allow a lot of other similar tricks, which would break this category a lot more. The rules for main category are very strange and quite arbitrary, but we have them to keep an interesting category because this game is so RIDICULOUSLY broken, it's pretty insane.


Yeah, there is a big definition of Out of Bounds, but I like to boil it down to "no screen transitioning from solid objects and no standing on 'ceilings'". That may not be the most accurate way to say it, but probably the most concise.