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Hey guys,

as you may know I recently started running the game in Any% No SQ/WW/OOB. Finished my second run clocking in at 1:15:47

Now that I need where to go and how to perform the major tricks, I was wondering what do you guys think would be the best things to optimize in relation to others. Right now I am looking at:

¤ Overworld Travel (getting more efficient from point a to 😎
¤ Dungeon-Routing (getting more efficient within the Dungeon)
¤ Bufferless Roostr Skip
¤ POP-routing
¤ Menu-ing

What do you guys think would be the best to optimize first? Especially in terms of efford <> reward/time save.


In order:
-Dungeon (several minutes)
-Overworld (several minutes, but you spend less time on the overworld, and it's less technical)
-Menu (can amount to minutes)
-PoP (40s - 1m)
-Bufferless (ave. ~8s)

If you're starting out, your first goal should be "knowing what to do at all times". What I mean is, you should never enter a room and think, "What should I be doing next..?" or "Do I go left or right here?"

After that I would say practice your consistency on segments. Try to get the tricks down to a point where you mess them up rarely or "only sometimes".

Do more runs at that point to be comfortable with the whole route

Then add in more of the advanced strats (like boots on the armos knight, PoP, not doing certain safe strats)

More runs, more practice.

Then optimize. Put in all of the advanced strats. Practice all of the advanced strats. Know the rooms. Know the rng. Know the backup strats. Do segment drills, a lot of segment drills. Then do more runs. Talk with other runners about how they do things. Races. Etc.

[However, the most important thing is to know the route first. You need to feel comfortable. You need to never get lost, and always know what's coming up.]

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Thanks, this helps a lot.

So I was on track. Was not sure about how to evaluate menu and POP, tho.