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Yo beasts!
Just finished a pack of new save states which path out the new route with bomb trigger, and some of the newer tricks. A brill resource to get people started running LADX
See the readme file including for details
Feel free to share around the community and give credit when due, this tat took ages
I will be maintaining the upkeep of this pack, if new strats are ever found, they will be included occordingly, also you can request any new reference cards or ask for help on my twitch below


~LADX japanese v1.0 ROM~
~Savestates for BGB and Gambette~
~Overworld Routing~
~Reference Cards for the save states~

Much Love


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Awesome job Tweak!

The cards are brilliant 🙂

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But remember it will always be worth for you to make your own savestates, so you will always have the same menu route 😉

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