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Hello there--my name is Meeks.

Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I've started running this game for the 100% category, and streaming it as well. I've already joined the Discord group, so looking forward to maybe chatting with peoples there. Figured I'd introduce myself here first though. =)

I don't really have any specific questions at this time, other than to just say that bomb triggers are a bit tricky for me still, and the rooster skip is terrifying, lol.


Howdy! I'm new to running it myself, also 100%. Bomb triggers get easier to do. I have issues getting the 2 bomb drops into a pit triggers though. Rooster skip is actually kind of easy. I was scared of it too, until I got to when I needed to practice it. Got it down pretty nice. Buffered that it is, haven't tried unbuffered.


Yeah, I can't imagine ever doing unbuffered Rooster Skip, but I guess it is possible.


Once you know the visual cues for it, its not that bad. You just need good control of Link when he's standing on the pits.