There aren't any rules or details mentioned for any of the meme runs.
What would be nice to have is a list of:

- Any restrictions (sq/ww/oob/dupe?) and/or banned actions?
- When does the timer stop?
- What exactly is the goal (looking at you "all upgrades")?

It would increase the clarity of the categories, since right now all you can go on is a category name.

I know warr90 had a list¤ of these memes with added details about restrictions and objective, is that the list we should use for these categories or are the rules too restrictive for some/all categories?

¤warr90's list of the memes:
Fish the Pond - Any% - Catch every fish in the pond
999 Rupees - No WW/OoB - Time ends at 999 rupees
L2 Sword - No Dupe/WW/OoB - Time ends when you touch the L2 Sword
All Songs - No WW/OoB - Time Ends Once you recieve the last song
Boomerang% - No WW/OoB - Time Ends once you recieve the Boomerang
Color Dungeon - No WW/OoB - Time ends upon receiving the Tunic.
All Pictures - No WW/OoB - Time Ends Once you had all 12 Pictures
World Map Completion - No WW/OoB - Time Ends when you open your completed world map.
Equipment Upgrade (Bomb,Arrow&Powder) - No WW/OoB - Time ends one your last upgrade from the Mad Batter.
Trendy% - Win all the Items in the Trendy Game - Time ends on the collection of the last item.
Save The Guy! - Save Papahl on Tal Tal Heights by giving him the Pineapple!
Full Moon Cello - No WW/OoB - Complete D1 - Time ends when you collect the Cello.

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I like Warr's list.

It's not clear on Trendy% or Save Papahl, but I think they should be Any% and No WW/OoB, respectively.

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I think some of the runs should be Any% but I also think that some of the runs should be NoWW/OoB. Runs like L2 Sword with the duping it would just be grab a load of bombs, get a few shells and bomb trigger the L2 sword basically. Having L2 NoWW/OoB makes it for an interesting run as people will have different routes.

Having Any% for World Map Completion would be boring too as it'd just be get a Feather some flippers and SS and hold left/right and keep going up once a line was complete.

999 Rupees - Not sure if Any% Dog House warping changes the chest IDs so unsure if it'd help. There's only a handful of big chest rupees anyway.

All Upgrades was Bomb, Powder and Arrow upgrades from the 3 Mad Hatter shrines, but if people wanted it so it's L2 Bracelet/Sword/Shield that's up to everyone to decide. I thought that most people would want a shorter run as they're not main categories and close to 100% run if you're collecting Sword/Shield/Bracelet 🙂 It could do with rewording for the category title 😃

As for when timing end I'd assume it's pretty straight forward for the most part but if something solid was in place that would be better.


"Fish the Pond - Any% - Catch every fish in the pond."
-->I'd add: timer stops with the appearance of the text-box, when catching the last fish (that's how i did it...)
--> Run Starts with file select ofc...

"Trendy% - Win all the Items in the Trendy Game - Time ends on the collection of the last item."
--> I'd recommend Any%, since the only purpose of the run is to do the trendy game.

"Save The Guy! - Save Papahl on Tal Tal Heights by giving him the Pineapple!"
--> I'd like to have No WW/OoB here... Any% just feels somewhat wrong 🙂
--> I guess a good cue for the end of the timer, would be upon receipt of the hibiscus.

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Will there be rules soon? cause i wanny race save the guy, but not any% =)
no hustle! just asking!

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There seems to be a run for save the guy already using any% rules so it's likely to just follow that ruleset. In terms of racing it, all participants can just agree to no ww/oob/doghouse beforehand for a longer and probably more interesting to watch race.

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