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If you hold right+B (shield) after the damage boost but before the owl starts talking, you'll hold shield to the right and "pick up" the sword with the shield.

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I try to do that, but sometimes I just don't get enough momentum from getting damaged. Is it RNG or do you have to just get hit on the right pixels to get it?

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Definitely an issue of not getting hit on the right pixel and then holding right after getting hit


Been a while since I last ran and have a few hours this morning free. I'm not familiar with the term Flock Clip. Is that pushing yourself through a corner and an object (Rock, key block) or is it something else? Thinking of redoing the Legacy run since that's what's on the NDS store.


Yup, that's it. Only places I can think of using it are getting into the swamp (for D2), in D3 (skipping a small key to get to the boss) and in D6 (a couple spots on key blocks).


I have a question, When doing a run do you have to stream it or can you record the run and use the video file or upload it to YouTube then use the link to submit your run?


You don't need to stream, upload your run on Youtube and use that link. Good luck !