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If any new guys dont know where to look to find up to date routes, check the "guides" section in the SRC Sidebar 🙂 ffzBUZZBUZZ!

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When using emulator, is there a specific control input setting that's required? I noticed I could set Start+Select to bind to the same button, making save and quit input MUCH easier with a PS4 controller. Is that considered cheating?



There are no official rules on the matter, but it is better to be safe rather than sorry. I believe that emu runs should replicate the abilities of the native console(s) as much as possible. I think most others will agree with me with the ideas below:

For emulator, all buttons should be individually mapped no more than once. That means
1) A button you press can only correspond to one input
2) You cant have two buttons on your controller device mapped to the same button.
3) Switching input schemes and controllers mid-run should be allowed, if necessary.

1) Controllers used for console runs of the game only have one button per input. [You MIGHT be able to find a strange 3rd party controller that has a function where you map multiple inputs per the same button, but it is likely to not be supported]. Also mapping a single input to multiple in-game actions is getting awfully close to the idea of using "macros"
2) Having 2 "A buttons" (for instance) on your controller gives you a severe advantage for mashing, and is not usually supported by actual console in-game controllers.
3) You see this a lot in Super Mario 64 runs nowadays where people use one controller for certain parts of the game, then switch controllers for a trick or something. Just as long as you're not combining both types of input at the same time.

Of course, I doubt there would be any way anyone could catch you mapping start and select together, so you can go forth at your own risk.

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You made some great points I hadn't considered, thanks for the input!

Another question, should I open the s&q menu on EVERY chest text? Is some text faster than using the menu?

Edit: The all routes Google Doc is outdated, isn't it?


Bringing up the S&Q menu is slower on rupee chests (I think there's only the one in the first cave in the run now), but faster for all other chests. However, if you're struggling with the S&Q thing, it's really not TOO important, unless you were gunning for a, let's say, sub hour time.

If you're really struggling with the S&Q menu, I have heard that some runners like to map the start and select buttons to the shoulder buttons of their controllers, and it helps them out a lot. (I cannot attest to this).

Yeah, all of the routes are outdated. The best way to learn the route is to watch the top three runs and runners. The game is not too hard to pick up. For any tricks that you want to learn (Villa Skip, Rooster Skip, etc)., you can watch Riddler's or Leon's tutorial. The methods to do the tricks are still consistent, even if the route isn't.

[With that being said, watch this space.]

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What Console Emulators are allowed and would be the same? I Know Super Gameboy is faster due to loading or some jon?


Well you can use Super Gameboy 2, Gameboy Player on the Gamecube, 3DS Virtual Console and I believe there are some other devices such as Everdrive etc. which will also allow you to emulate a game onto console.


Zorlax and T-Major,

I know I remember hearing the rupee chests are faster to not S+Q, but I swear I remember hearing that it is the same for small keys. I am thinking this is because they are just that 1 text box that pops up without scrolling extra text in it. That being said the rupee text looks shorter then key text.

I'll double check with Tompa on this one and get back to everyone.


I have an old run recorded back from before I knew how to use splits and properly display stuff. But during a few parts of the run, the xsplit pause screen pops up. I'm guessing that a run of this quality wouldn't be accepted. Is this the case?


Deeds, I think as long as the game footage isn't interrupted or paused then the submission should be fine. If there's a clear break of pause of the run then it could be declined.

You could always submit and one of the moderators will check it over for you.

Sorry for the late response.


Hello, I'm new to speedrunning entirely but would like to pick it up. Starting with one of my favourite childhood games. Which run category is known is the "default" or main run?


The main category that most people run is "Any% No S+Q/WW/OoB". Beat the game without saving and quitting, wrong warping, or going out of bounds. "Wrong warping" is basically using the doghouse glitch (if you're familiar with it). "Out of bounds" isn't necessarily as intuitive as it sounds, but the community rule for OoB is that Link can't go any more than 1 tile away from normally accessible tiles. There's also another category that is almost identical to this where S+Q is allowed; it's a slightly faster run, but it's also less popular.

If you're interested, there's a great tutorial series on Youtube by ZorlaxSeven that does a great job of teaching the run. It's a bit outdated right now, but it's still a great starting point. You can find it here:

Also, feel free to join our Discord server (I think the link is stickied at the top of the forum). Everyone there is really nice and we're happy to help with any questions you've got.

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Hey folks, I'm just looking for clarification as to which hardware options are considered "legal" for LADX speedruns.

Can anyone confirm that for a category such as Any% No WW/OOB (No S+Q), there are no measurable differences between running on a Super Gameboy 2 vs Gameboy Player?

Thanks in advance!


Just about all first party consoles are accepted. The only console that is disallowed is SGB1, which runs faster.

Accepted hardware includes (this list may not be completely inclusive):
-Gameboy Color
-Gameboy Player
-Super Gameboy 2
-3DS VC¤
-Wii Gamecube (via Gameboy Interface)
(¤3DS VC runs version 1.2, which patched glitches used in the current No S&Q route)

As far as I can tell, there is no timing difference between SGB2 and Gameboy Player (and emu, and all of the other hardware listed above).

EDIT: LADX tends to run laggy on certain screens SGB2 (like LA does on all hardwares); Also GBI is on GC, not Wii

Happy running!


Just a couple of notes to add to the above:

- Game Boy Interface (GBI) is only for the GameCube, NOT the Wii. It's a homebrew app that lets you use the GBP without its startup disc. If you do decide to check out the GBP, though, definitely give this a look; I think most of us with GBP's use it.
- While the SGB2 is legal, I'd recommend against using it for LADX. The SGB2 can experience lag when used to play black carts (combo GB/GBC carts) like LADX. The SGB2 is fine for grey carts (GB carts) if you ever decide to run the original LA.

Also if you don't already have hardware to play/stream GB games, don't feel like you need to buy anything right out of the gate. The community is very accepting of emulators (BGB and gambatte).

Feel free to join the community discord too if you have any more questions. (Forums are fine too though :P)


Thanks for the replies! I prefer to play on actual hardware and am only lacking an SGB2 or GBP. Sounds like the best option is to find an inexpensive GBP and use GBI. Are people typically using the standard GC controller?


Oh yeah, I forgot about the SGB2 lag 😛

I know I personally used GC controller when on console (i.e. rarely). I believe TGH uses a GC controller. You could look into getting a hori GBP pad, but those are expensive to all heck. ($200 or so?)


Yeah, you can get GBPs pretty cheap when you get them without the disc. You'll just need to make sure that you've got what you need to run homebrew on the GC. There's a few options including the SD Media Launcher, a generic SD card adapter, or a softmodded Wii to load GC memory cards with.

And yeah, a standard GC controller is the easiest option; but the dpad on those is hot garbage (mainly the diagonals), and you'd have to get comfortable playing with a joystick. In addition to the Hori pad that Zorlax mentioned, you could also use a GBA as a controller if you've got the cable, or you could look into one of those raphnet SNES-to-GC adapters.


My setup for console:
- US-Gamecube + Gameboy Player (~30€) (+Cables ~20€)
- SD-Media Launcher for US-Consoles (~30€) (to boot homebrew/GBI-software)
- Hori Gamecube Controller (~130€)
- Old CRT SONY KV-29FX30E (~10€)
- LADX Jap 1.0 Cartridge (~25€)

For Streaming/Game-Capture:
- Splitter (Speak AV Proffesionall) and SD-Capture Card (AverMedia DVD EzMaker 7) (~60€)

- For Controllers, i wouldn't recommend using an adapter, like the ones from raphnet for example. Turns the don't recognize frame-perfect inputs that well.

If you got any questions on hardware, you should join Discord and probably ask Noadkajoo. He knows a hell lot about these things...


I hope somebody sees this. I have a question for Any% No ACE
To get fast sword there's a set up where you walk into the spiny and it knocks you into the range to pick it up before the owl leaves but after the text is done.

I was practicing and I somehow was able to get knocked into the sword, pick it up before the owl showed up and then the jingle played while I was mashing the owl's text. I have not been able to replicate this again I've tried a dozen times.

My question is, is there a good and consistent way to get good knock back from walking into the spiny and has anyone else picked up the sword before the owl appeared and have the jingle play during the owl's text?