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I bought a after market gameboycolor called the GB Boy that has backlit screen and i just bought it for fun and i also bought Links Awakening DX and i might tun it but im not sure if i can on an after market console.



If you want to submit to the leaderboards, you need a gamecapture of your device/your run anyway. So as long as you don't find a way to capture your play, i wouldn't worry too much (ghetto cam is like i guess the only solution there is...).

I heard that the GB Boy (/Color) doesn't run the at the original framerate, but maybe our hardware-nerds heard differently 😃


I would stay away from non-official hardware for submitting runs, though it would probably be fine if you're just using it for practice.

If you're interested in running the game, you can always do so on PC with an emulator (either BGB or gambatte).


We probably don't have enough informations about how accurate is this system to allow it on the leaderboard 😕

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Clone systems are often inaccurate, sadly. If this is the Retron of Game Boys then you'd want to steer far clear.