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As discussed on Discord, There's plenty of people with ideas for new categories for the Misc section.

Category Name
L2 Sword/Seashell Sword

No OoB, No Wrong Warp & No Seashell Dupe.

To collect the L2 Sword from the Seashell Mansion from obtaining 20 Seashells.
Timer stops when the L2 Sword is touched.

Reason for suggestion
The L2 Sword is LA/DX equivalent of the Master Sword and the route would use plenty of tech such as Jesus Jumping, Super Jumps & Mushroom Sliding/Jumping. Would also give a nice short category for people to do instead of the same old categories.


i see one problem with this, having a category for the L2 sword would just spark more random shit like Hookshot% and such, i do not see the point in adding those though


That's kind of the point in the Misc Category is for random small/short runs which people can do races for 🙂 Just because you wouldn't want to run them doesn't mean other people wouldn't.


I don't really mind adding "hookshot%" type categories (race categories). These are Misc. categories. These are just extra for fun.

I agree that adding more categories with sparse runs looks gross. But I think the Misc. tab is good for those.

So I've heard that we want some race categories in there. I also think that Glitched 100% should be added.

I like Any% No DH being there too.

I want to create a separate thread for moving current categories to that area later.


I agree that having a category for pre-sj's "Zorlax%" would actually be really fun.

Superjumps came around not long after I started and I didn't get passed a 1:16 in the old route so it'd be cool to check it out now 😛

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I also see more categories as more choice for new people interested in running this game. Because we all have preferences in a speedrun - its glitches, its tricks, its length, and so on - and adding more categories such as Seashell Sword could bring a new interest, and therefore, new runners. That's pretty much why we can see RBO being run by some people.

Also I don't see any problem with the leaderboards to have not that many times on them. There are games who will have only two runners on its main category. And... the number of times can only increase right?

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