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I use a vanilla XB360 controller, mapping Start to Y and Select to the RB.


F / D for A / B (respectively). Space for start. RShift for select.


I use a dualshock 3. I use the D-pad and I have A/B mapped properly, but I use the shoulder buttons for start/select.

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All the cool kids use a keyboard. Q/W for B/A, E for start and RShift for select.

Welcome to the master race.


I also use Dualshock 3.
A - X
B - Square
Start - Triangle
Select - Circle
DPad - DPad


I use OE Xbox 360

I use analogue, and X.A for B,A and I just use the normal Start and Select buttons 🙂





WASD movement, J,K for B,A. V for Select, Space for Start


I am also part of the keyboard mater race, but I use z for a, x for b, enter for start and rshift for select


I use a Logitech F310:

I use the A/B buttons in their SNES place and the D-Pad. For Start I use the right bumper, and Select the left bumper. This allows me to do a S+Q menu using right thumb on A+B, right index finger on Start, left index on Select. Way easier then taking the left thumb and trying to hit the start/select ones in the middle.


I use Keyboard:
. for a, Enter for b, LCTRL for Start, LSHIFT for Select, WASD movement


I have a SNES>USB adapter and use an original SNES controller when I play on emulator.

I set it up the same way I set up my Super Game Boy 2: SNES Y is GB B; SNES B + A are GB A.


Used to use the F310 that Seabass is using. Ended up switching to the Dualshock 4. It's probably the comfiest controller I've ever used.
A = X
B = O
(Yes, I know those are backwards, it's just how I initially learned the game)
Dpad = Dpad
Start = L1
Select = L2

I also use DS4Windows, which lets me map my split button to R1, which was useful until I started using Spiraster's auto-splitter.


DS4 controller

A = X
B = Square
Inventory = R1
Map = L1
Select = hard reset for bgb

pretty comfy imo

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I use(d) a GBA SP AGS-001 and this set up to film it.

SP=best buttons ever

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i use a psp with the FuSa controller shit for emu.

SGB2, GBP with a gba SP for console.


Just starting out, I'm using DS4 for pc and my practice emulator. I have the Gameboy player for the cube which I just picked up the Hori pad which is shaped like an SNES controller which I think is gonna be awesome for doing my actual runs. Those ideas for mapping splits and resets are awesome, I had never even considered that!

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I'm using a mechanical keyboard converted to function as a Gamecube controller so I can play using an original cart.

WASD - Movement
Enter - Start
Space - Select

H and . - A
J and / - B

These double binds help with the quick bomb drops in D7.

edit: And if double binds aren't allowed, someone please tell me. I haven't submitted a run using this setup yet.


@WesCopeland Its definitely allowed since Gambatte - a legal emulator - allows you to make double binds.


I personnally use the Wii Classic Controller which is pretty great to speedrun SNES games, and every kind of games. Unless the game doesn't recognize the controller 8D

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