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First of all, great work Spiraster. Second of all, I'm having issues getting it to work.
I installed the autosplitter through LiveSplit and I think I've done everything I've needed to do. I was wondering if you could help me out.
The split names don't matter right? It will just split when it detects something happening in the game.

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Yep, that's right, it should just split for each thing you've checked. It all looks good from your photos.

If you don't mind pinging me on Discord it'll be easier to help you troubleshoot.

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uhm, arent the split names supposed to have the same name as the splits in the settings?

I also appreciate your endeavor towards the autosplitter! I use it and it just works so fine! =)


They did in the old version, but it was poor design on my part. In the newer versions you just have to check which events you want to split for. ElPhezo has a picture of it above.

And thanks, glad you like it! 🙂


Update (v3.0.6):
- Added split condition for the L1 Bracelet
- Added split condition for the Magic Rod
- (Autosplitter settings dialog now shows the version number)

These new split conditions were added for the new LA routes.


Update (v3.0.7):
- D6 and D8 ICS splits will now trigger whether or not you've killed the minibosses
- D8 ICS split now triggers in the first room of the dungeon rather than outside in order to accommodate the new route


Update (v3.0.8):
- Fixed issue where certain enemy kills would trigger instrument splits
- Made change that should make the autosplitter more reliably find the emulator process (try this version if you're one of the people having trouble getting the autosplitter working)
- Added split condition for the Pegasus Boots
- Added split condition for the Angler Key

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I'm confused: with the "old" autosplitter, I could enter the Names of my splits, so Autosplitter knows, when to split.
How does it work with the new version, where i can't assign my split-names to the plugin?

i tried version 3.0.7 lately, im afraid i didnt work... or at least, not the way i did iT 😃

I realize right now, that we had that conversation above 😃
Hmmn, maybe I'll give it another shot.

still outta interest: how does autosplitter know, when to split? When i have weird split names, there has to be some sort of match, right?


You can name your splits whatever you like, because the autosplitter doesn't try to match specific events to specific splits anymore; it'll just split whenever it detects ANY event (that you've selected in the settings). It's up to the runner to make sure that their splits are in the same order that they expect the events to be triggered.

For example, if you check "L1 Sword" in the settings, but your first split is "Enter D1", then it'll still split when you grab the sword because the autosplitter doesn't know any better. But the question would be: if you want it to split for the sword then why don't you have a "Sword" split before "Enter D1"?

Does that example make sense?

I got rid of the name checking because it made setting up the autosplitter a much longer and more tedious process, it was confusing for some people, and it was ultimately unnecessary.

Please let me know if you can't get the autosplitter working, though. I really want it to just work for everyone.

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that's actually pretty smart! I can't remember, if I unchecked the splits I don't use, but I'll try that, and will give you a feedback ofc!

And also ofc thanks so much for this awesome tool!

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I've replaced the old component autosplitter with a new ASL script.

Changes in this new version:
- No longer relies on pointers, and should actually work for everyone
- Added support for BGB 1.5.3 and gambatte-speedrun

If the old version didn't work for you, try this one. If this script still doesn't work for you please let me know! 🙂