Hey guys,

I had made myself an autosplitter for LADX a while back, and I've recently updated it so that it should be usable for everyone and not just myself.

The readme and source can be found here.

Make sure to read the readme first if you have any questions. Otherwise, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. I'll also use this thread to post any updates I have.

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Just finished my first run/PB using the autosplitter. I highly recommend it. It's convenient, consistent, and works really well.


Update (v1.0.1):
- Fixed issue where the "Bird Key" split would sometimes be delayed.
- Fixed issue where the autostart would not reliably start the game. (Edit: May still not be 100% reliable 😕 )

Note: Some people seem to have issues where the autosplitter needs to be placed either on the top or the bottom of the LiveSplit layout in order to work, and in some cases may "break" the layout. I'm personally unable to recreate this, so if something like this happens for you, it would be helpful to know what version of LiveSplit you have and what other components you're using in your layout.

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Update (v2.0.0):
- Added option to autostart the timer when you select the file.
- Hopefully fixed the issue where the autosplitter could mess up your layout. (If it still does this, let me know)
- Made major effort to clean up the source code. If you're interested in making your own changes, make sure to upgrade to this version.

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Update (v2.0.1):
- Fixed an issue with the new autostart option starting the timer prematurely.


Update (v2.0.2):
- The name of the .exe no longer matters. (Whichever emulator you use, whatever it's named and wherever it is, the autosplitter can find it now.)
- Added support for BGB 1.5.2 (the newest version; if it wasn't working for you this was probably why).
- Fixed the Gambatte pointers (it should all work with Gambatte again).


Random question: could this work for LA?


Yeah definitely. It probably won't work right now if the LA memory is laid out differently than LADX, but all I'd have to do is update some pointers. Probably wouldn't be too hard.

I'll be able to give it a look in a couple days.


Update (v2.0.3):
- Now supports LA

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Update (v2.1.0):
- Added option to automatically reset the timer when you reset the ROM.
- Refined the pointers for each emulator. The autosplitter should now be more reliable, especially for Gambatte.


Update (v2.1.3):
- Drastically reduced the amount the autosplitter reads the game memory (if you're experiencing any lag in the emulator or livesplit, update to this version).
- The auto reset can now reset after a completed run.

This should be the last update for a while (sorry for all the bumping), but if anyone is experiencing issues or has any suggestions, please let me know.

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Update (v2.2.0):
- Added a number of new splits (primarily for 100% categories)
- Rewrote and streamlined the settings code

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Autosplitter fully working for 100% PogChamp

Can't wait to try it out.

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Update (v2.2.2):
- Fixed issues with some of the new splits (Tunic, L1 Sword & L2 Sword)
- The UI will now show the default names in the textboxes (unless/until you've set your own)


thanks a lot for this autosplitter and disclude for this sexy layout to use with

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Update (v2.3.0):
- Added the option to enable new splits for instruments that work better with ICS in LA. The autosplitter will split when leaving the dungeon (either after success or failure of ICS) rather than when grabbing the instrument. (Selecting the option won't affect LADX)
- Reorganized the split tabs on the settings page.
- Fixed an issue where the "auto start" and the "auto reset" weren't working with LA.
- Misc. code changes

Edit: Removed some debug code that I left by accident. Re-download the autosplitter if you've got an annoying message box telling you which game you're playing.


Update (v2.3.1):
- Updated the auto reset function to only reset on HARD resets. This means it now works with S+Q categories, too.
- Changed how splitting works upon entering dungeons. This was to eliminate that awkward delay. (It now splits during the fade out, rather than after loading the new screen)
- Fixed issue where the autosplitter could get confused about which game was being played.
- Fixed issue where the split textboxes in the settings panel would be empty immediately after adding the autosplitter to a layout.
- Fixed issues with the ICS split timings for LA.

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The autosplitter no longer needs to be manually installed!!! :D
- The autosplitter can be installed from the "Edit Splits..." dialog as explained in the OP.
- You no longer have to worry about updates as LiveSplit will take care of it for you.
- I've moved everything to GitHub to make things easier and more organized.

Note: You will no longer be able to add the autosplitter component to your layout; however, it will still be there if you've added it to your layout previously. I don't know if there will be any issues by having the autosplitter added in both your layout AND your splits, but I recommend removing it from your layout first.


Update (v3.0.0):
Completely overhauled the autosplitter:
- Removed that awkward textbox implementation, and replaced it with checkboxes.
- The names of your segments no longer matter to the autosplitter.
- Just check all the events for which you want the autosplitter to split.

Note: The autosplitter will split for the checked events regardless of the current split, so make sure you have your splits set up to match your selected events.


Update (v3.0.1):
- Fixed issue where splits that had triggered in a previous run would not trigger again after resetting the timer.

Sorry for the unnecessary update. This was a stupid oversight on my part.