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Hi all,

As you're all aware it isn't possible to do a 3-heart run in LADX due to needing to collect the Heart piece for the doors to open 🙁


I've made a few changes to the LADX 1.0 & 1.2 USA ROM which allow us to go through the doors without the need to collect the hearts!

Things to note!

¤The Spin doors look like White/Grey Nightmare Doors

¤Let the heart land on the floor before you pass through the spin doors!

¤D2 - There's a push block to the left as you walk in. Kill the boss BEFORE you push the block.

¤D8 - There's a Switch on the floor which will open the doors. Kill Hot Head first and avoid the heart then go and press the switch.

With the 1.2 ROM you can't do long Super Jumps like you can in 1.0. You're also unable to Bomb Trigger and the D7 handle tap doesn't stop the blocks.

You can collect the hearts as normal nothing magical will happen other than you gaining +1 Heart piece but the rom allows you to try the game at a "harder" difficulty.

Any bugs please let me know and i'll try fix them!

But yeah kill the bosses as you usually would and let the heart piece drop before you go through the doors!

OK here's the link for the 1.0 ROM -

OK here's the link for the 1.2 ROM -

Any questions please ask them and I'll try answer them & let me know what you thought!

Enjoy ❤️

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Ok guys,

I've changed the ROM up a bit...

Things I've changed.

1,The Portal to the right of Marins house is now gone and the Seashell is back where it should be.
2, Fixed the Wall in the D2 Boss room. I can't put the right-angle piece back in due to memory shortage... It's not a big deal IMO.
3, Changed the location of the Push Block in D2 to the right side of the room. (Not as it looks in the screenshot)
4, I've changed how D8 Boss room works. Instead of there being a Push-Block to open the doors I've added a Switch to the top right of the room. There should now be less chance of the heart falling onto you. But note that when the switch is pressed you can freely walk through the doors. So kill Hot Head let the heart fall and avoid it, then go and press the switch!

If you notice anything else please let me know and I'll get this ROM 100% bug free...

The Owls will stay in the ROM as there may be people who don't Speed run LADX who will play this and the Owls might be of some help to them.



When's 3 heart challenge races

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I'm easy when it comes to the 3-heart races. Could replace a Weekly Race for a 3-heart race or do it the saturday but at usual race time?

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Hey everybody!

I've finally got around to editing a 1.0 ROM so you can do 3-heart runs using the current tech 🙂

I've added the link in the original post, but for those to lazy to look it's here -

The ROM is exactly the same as the original 1.2 hack with regards to room layouts.

Enjoy 🙂

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You will have to re-download the file again from the updated link.

For some reason when TGH played through it changed the D4 Boss Key to a Bracelet and upon looking into this the ROM had actually changed the item to a Bracelet. However it did not happen with me when i played through the ROM.

If anybody else finds something wrong with the ROMs please let me know and I'll try my best to fix it!



Just a reminder that this exists for the new runners 🙂