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rly? thanks you, so, im new in this page, i got a 1:37:21 on l4d2, how i can submit it?

On the the top right of the leaderboards, there is a red submit run link.

You will have to have recorded the run for it to be properly validated. If you didn't, I'd recommend using OBS in the future; whether you want to stream or locally record (just google for the proper settings).

Since I'm posting anyway, I think it's best if everything is banned. Gun sounds, which are currently still allowed, for exmple. In case you didn't realise, guns in L4D2 are really loud; silencing them will make it far easier to hear SI's.

The easiest solution to the entire problem is just to ban everything outright, rather than look at addons on a case-by-case basis. And maybe allow reskins of the HUD, since I really need my Shia :^)

EDIT: for some reason, quote seems to break the post when you add a name. Or I'm mentally challenged.

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I can pause the game when it is loading map?


this is timed as RTA, you cannot pause it yourself no.


reminder add-ons ruin your load times and potentially add an advantage
and i second banning runs with addons completely


Load times actually aren't a big deal anymore since we've gone loadless, as long as the person submitting takes the steps to make a loadless time available or at least has a video that can have a loadless time grabbed from it. I updated the rules recently to cement this.

I wrote up a big thing about how I think discretion could be OK and addons for preference that aren't meant as an advantage are fine (you know, if it doesn't create an advantage), and then I realized just how complicated that all gets so I've redone it as this paragraph. It pains me to say that somebody's pipe bomb explosion being Spongebob's "OW MY LEG" isn't allowed since it brings them just a bit of joy every time it goes off, but... banning it outright is certainly the simpler, nuclear option. There is also reasoning that, if this is to be the "official" hub for L4D2 speedruns (and looking at the messy state of random YouTube uploads, organized leaderboards are sorely needed), it may follow that the submissions also be the game played largely as it was intended, with its original assets.

I know people love their addons as well and feel they can't play without them. If we make this choice I'd really like to see more opinions... there hasn't really been issue with addons yet I don't think, so it can be given some time. If there has been I'd be interested in hearing how it went.

By the way, under the current rules technically the item radar thing would be allowed since it's HUD. That should probably be fixed in the meantime, just in case...

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