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Apparently 1 defib is guaranteed on Highway. Using director_debug_scavenge_items 1 I was able to track down spots where the defib would spawn. However, I found 2 spots that weren't marked when I used the command mentioned, so there might be some other hidden defib spots. Here are the spots that i found: .


I have been looking at Highway inside Hammer editor, and would like to clarify the spawns a little bit. When you load up the map, the game will pick 1 spot out of possible 5 spots, and place one defibrillator there. These are the 5 possible spots:

In addition to this, there are 4 possible spawnpoints for defibs to spawn randomly, and you only need to check 2 spots to see all 4 spawnpoints! Here they are:

Fairgrounds, Coaster and Barns don't contain defib spawnpoints at all, so you have to find one in any of these spots.


burhac covered the other spawns, actually, including the hill.

Wooooo RESEARCH! Hopefully this will go into making the next co-op attempts great again. Thanks, guys.