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Would it be possible to get a sub section for mutation modes? I've been working on speedruns for the Last Man on Earth mutation but I didn't see a section for it on the leaderboards.


Leaderboard for LMOE got removed some time ago, sorry.


we voted to remove LMOE in favour of the blastoff mutation, due to player interest being much higher in one than the other, it was essentially unanimously agreed upon that LMOE was really boring to most players

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Indeed, at one point LMOE existed but it's essentially solo with everything interesting about the run removed. The fact that it existed was a bit arbitrary (why that mutation over any others?) and nobody seemed to actually think it added something to the game or was interesting. Some (like me) dubbed it a walking simulator, so it was replaced by the custom Blastoff mutation which fundamentally changes movement in the game.

Currently, there are no plans to add it back nor other mutations, besides Dash which I put up the Christmas before last. That's pretty interesting. Likely from this point there will not be any more category expansion (besides a Custom Campaigns Full-Game category) as there isn't enough activiy to support more and there really isn't anything else that'd be too justified to go up.


Also, How many mutations are there. Kinda unreasonable to add a mutations section considering interest and How many mutations are there

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@bill_play3 I don't think the OP is asking for all mutations to be added, but just select ones.

Unfortunately, we did already try LMOE and there just wasn't enough interest or activity to have a competitive leaderboard for that category. I don't remember how many 1st place records I had when LMOE was removed, but I didn't care and it doesn't seem that anybody else did, at least at the time.