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It is time. The custom campaign categories were worked on a while ago, and although I feel good picks were made overall, Yama turned out to be quite long and somewhat empty in the middle section. This thread is for discussing if Yama should be replaced before the custom campaigns are locked in and the full-game version of the category is created (which will be directly following this). The decision will not necessarily be made by a majority vote. I am looking for opinions to help me decide what to do with it, and also to decide what it will be replaced with.

When you submit your opinion I ask you to please not do so purely based on any time you have invested in practicing it (hardly anyone has) nor consider the two runs up already. Try to impartially decide based only on its merits of being speedrunnable, whether it's something you want to go through, if it has enough tricks, the length, and so on.

You can write any opinions down in this thread, but the priority is to vote on it in the following form so it's all neatly collected in one place,

I encourage you to crack Yama open and try it before submitting your opinion, as well as trying the other campaigns that could replace it if you'd like to. You have until this time is up!

Here are the workshop pages for all of the campaigns on the form,

Yama -

Blood Tracks -

Dark Blood -

Death Aboard -

Detour Ahead -

Highway to Hell -


With a 6/2 majority it's clear Yama wasn't the best candidate to speedrun, so its fate has been decided. Also with a majority Detour Ahead was voted as the campaign that most would like to see replace it, so we'll go ahead and do so. Thanks to all for their responses, as always.

Here is a sheet with the responses,