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Could add Survival records for the Level Leaderboards. I think it'd add a little more variety.

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There are plenty of survival leaderboards out there. We figured there was no reason to start our own, specially when no one in the community showed interest in doing Survival for real.

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In addition, doing something as long as possible is the opposite of doing something as quickly as possible, so that may be overstepping the purpose of


As bill mentioned, there are already Survival records tracked which was one reason for not including them here. I asked about it in our Discord to get information from somebody that knew more about the active groups and here's a copy/paste of what he said for you if you want to check them out,

There's 3 main leaderboards for survival;

Vanilla/Standard survival, where we have a steam group for full team records:

A seperate group for solo and duo survival records in vanilla:

Fixed survival, which fixes what valve messed up, basically "competetive survival", includes full team, trio, duo, and solo leaderboards:

Thanks to JAiZ for the info!


Sorry to post this here.
I'm trying to contact Scoot_ but can't find any other means than this thread where they most recently posted.