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So I can do the ladder climb every time fairly easily, velocity caps at around 190-200 when I do. My friend however, seems to have problems doing it. I've even watched his key inputs and he's doing everything perfectly and has the right angle, yet his speed caps at 99-ish, even in Singleplayer, which rules out lag or latency being a problem.

He's disabled just about every mod, the only difference between me and him is that he only has the newest version right now, but I can do it perfectly on newest,,, and Any ideas?


Tell him to check on the dev console if "joystick" is set to 1. If it is, he needs to set it to 0. If that doesn't solve it, then idk.

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Omfg you're a godsend, and omfg that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen that breaks a mechanic. lmao. Thank you!

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