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Can someone send me the link for Version
I want to get into speedrunning this game.

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Hey, great to see another person coming in to run the game!

I've sent you the message on Twitch I send everybody who asks with the relevant links. You can see it in your inbox by going to while logged in to your account.

I have a speedrunning tutorial series on YouTube with everything you need to know to learn tricks for running this game, you can find a link to the playlist here, - note that there is some stuff that's been found since or is done more efficiently that isn't featured in those videos. I plan to do an update with those sometime.

Finally, if you have any further questions feel free to catch me streaming L4D2 runs on Twitch and ask away, or ask them here.

Welcome to the community!


Plz Master, why have you graced us with a forum post. We are just simple speedrunning peasants.