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figured it was best for you to be supermod since you actually have plans to update the forums and im pretty sure you need supermod to edit the leaderboard rules and shit


Hmm... googling around the only differences I've managed to find is that they can add more mods, nobody has stated that only supers have the ability to edit the leaderboards,

I am kind of surprised there isn't a basic mod level that allows them to handle accepting/rejecting submissions but not make important leaderboard changes, that's what I initially figured the difference between mod and supermod is too.

Well, one easy way to test it is, Cyberdemon, do you see the "Edit game" and "Edit theme" links in the sidebar on the left?


the only difference is ability to appoint new mods lol


Thought so.

Well, uh, welcome to the cool kid's club. WOOOOO!