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I'm currently wanting to improve some of my runs, and move into none LMOE speedruns, but in order to achieve good times, I would like to know if anyone could provide me with either or

Thanks in Advance

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The Discord should have them in the pinned messages. There's a link to the server in one of the sticky posts I believe.


Discord is an option indeed, but I sent you the link in a Twitch message regardless with accompanying instructions, you can find it by going to while signed in. I sent you since we don't use loading times anymore and it's required for playing LMOE as doesn't have the mode. You can use mutation1 at the end of a map command to load a server on it... hmm, I should add that info to the rules.

Also note that you will need to use a different script as the one that runs on Newest will not run on There is a script specifically for that version in the Resources section.

Let us know if you have any trouble getting things going.


I got it all running and stuff, but there is only the main 5 campaigns, i presume this is normal?


Yeah, those versions don't include the L4D1 campaigns along with some other stuff that was added later on.


ah okay, thanks for the help though, I cant thank you enough guys ❤️

  TheMasterTheMaster has only the 5 campaigns from launch while adds in The Passing. The earliest version we currently have with all campaigns is but most skips were patched by then. The only advantage that version has is for Death Toll where a common jump on level 4 is quite a bit easier and there is a major (but very hard and RNG dependent) skip on level 3. So far, we've yet to find anything on the rest of the campaigns that requires