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Can someone send me this version. I just saw a speedrun of this and I wanna attempt to start.


the download link is here:

i also recommend you joining our Discord channel, in case you want to ask anything:


Something that TheMaster sent me about installing

When it's done downloading unzip it to a new folder, for example I unzipped it into a "Left 4 Dead 2 -" folder on the root of my drive.

This part I'm not entirely sure is necessary for but it was for so I used it myself just in case, get this and drop it in the Left 4 Dead 2 base folder that came out of the zip above, the same place the setup.exe is stored.

Now run that setup.exe which will unpack the files for a while. When it asks you to install directx and vcredist you can say no to both. Once that finishes, I would recommend copying your config.cfg from your main L4D2 install to preserve your keybinds and stuff. Also in the base Left 4 Dead 2 folder there is a rev.ini file, open that in a text editor like Notepad and change your playername there.

Finally, once you are in-game, at the main menu open the console and use "snd_rebuildaudiocache" to fix audio issues you will otherwise have, this step only needs to be done the once. It will bring you to the loading screen and will seem like the game is frozen, but it's just processing and eventually the sound will stop looping. Once that happens you can force close the game, reopen it and you're good to go.