A Glitch found by FriendlyParadox That Should Be Banned
7 years ago
Missouri, USA

It seems completely random, and it would really defeat the existence of doing a Waddle Dee part to begin with. This one only make one true fight.

Arkansas, USA

I say if it's not recreatable it should be banned. If in the future a consistent way of doing it is found, we can go from there.

Missouri, USA

^ No, the runs are short enough as it is. It is a glitch that adds nothing cool or clever to the run. Besides, Wouts already made it against the rules. You also don't even run the game.

Edited by the author 7 years ago

So after recently doing some Mega Man runs I actually came across this 'glitch' myself and I discovered tha it's actually not a glitch but it happens every time you tap 'F1'. The user who found it probally wanted to reset using esc but acidentally pressed F1 and thuseforth activated the 'glitch'. I don't know if anybody else discovered this but I'm putting it up here that everybody knows

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