Wing Zips
Wing Zips
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Wing Zips are a JP cartridge only glitch.

To zip you need to first have done a Dive Bomb Cancel (DBC), and without landing take damage from a source that puts you in a large amount of hitstun and has enough space so that it doesn't cancel the zip.

How far you were into a Dive Bomb before you canceled it will determine whether you zip downwards or upwards. If you did the DBC in the first quarter circle of the dive, thinking of the Dive Bomb as a circular motion, you will Zip upwards. And if you canceled in the second quarter you will Zip downwards.

Zips can be canceled early or extended by doing certain actions during a zip when you are out of hitstun. If you press A or Y to Flap during the zip you can cancel it early. If you press B to shoot feathers you can extend the Zip. Other actions can be done but these 2 are the best options to create desirable results.

Known Viable Zip Locations:

In any% this zip should be extended and in 100% it should be shortened in case you get a zip that would go higher than you want.

For any% this zip should be extended, as shown, And in 100% it does not have to be influenced, if you zip at the correct location horizontally speaking it is possible to zip into the usually blocked off ninja door area without the need for breaking the bomb blocks.

Zip must be extended to reach the chest.

This zip seems to rather inconsistent (tight dbc timing), and the most unfavorable in terms of risk reward for runs, with the wind effect above forcing you to try and do a fast setup. Because rng making you drop your abilitiy, and this is a zip for gco, you also have no way to easily replace your lost ability if it is lost.

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