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Hi all.

I thought I should make this post to let everyone know that as of May 2020, these lines in the rules of any% and 100% have been modified as follows:

"The only allowed emulators are mGBA and BizHawk with mGBA core. Runs using these must also use the BIOS file, and show the GBA startup screen via a hard reset before the run.

Use of an official release is required for runs below 39:00 (for any%) / 43:00 (for 100%)."

Previously we did not enforce hard resets for PC emulator runs, but starting now we will reject any runs that do not show proof of BIOS use. This is because emulator without BIOS saves about 50 seconds, giving an unfair advantage.

Additionally, any unofficial VC injects (so far I'm only aware of 3DS) will be considered as emulator runs.

That said, the emulator threshold has been lowered significantly for both categories.

Thanks for reading.

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For unofficial VC injects, do I need to somehow get the BIOS for that too? I have this game injected on my 3ds and might run it eventually.


No, BIOS is not needed to have the same loads

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