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Credit to Abraxas for compiling the list for us.
Weapon Checklist:

1. No value above 341. Value is capped at 341, anything above is so impractically hard to achieve that it isn't believable.
2. No negative stars. This can be checked on the drinal calculator.
3. No duplicate modifiers. Only some duplicate modifiers can be stacked and work, not allowed nonetheless.
4. No conflicting modifiers. Mostly useless but don't make your negative the same as your positive.
5. No inapplicable modifiers. This means no shot range Magnus Club, shot range negative staves and the like.
6. No negative value. I don't know why it matters but no value below 100 value.
7. Order your modifiers properly please.

Power Checklist:

1. We will check the power tab and back it up against your power board. Don't hack in 12 powers.
2. Don't hack in impossible combos. This can also be checked.
3. Don't Warp. This is janky and has no place in vanilla speedruns.
4. Don't use Endless Powers. Easily detectable, just don't.
5. Don't use Powersx15, this is also easily detectable.

Other Checklist:

1. Plugins are not advised, but are automatically turned on with NTR if you have them for streaming. Just bind them to a useless key.
2. Don't use Range+, it's easy to see because the smallest multiplier is x10.
3. No invincibility. Easy to see.
4. No Playing Dead cheat. We can see your power usage for it if you use it.
5. No Special Air Attackx2. Easy to see.
6. No Tireless cheat. Hard to detect but possible.
7. No Quick Charge cheat. Very easy to detect.
8. No Super Energy Charge. Also very easy to detect.
9. No Homing Boost cheat. Probably the easiest to detect, Artillery Claws can't loop.