Glitchless Category?
2 years ago

Hi all.

Just wondering why there is no glitchless category for Kid Icarus? Most games that require glitches / screen wraps / wall clips also usually have Glitchless.

Would be interested in running that category, as i love the game but havent got the prowess for wall clips haha

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Would probably make sense. The wall clips are definitely hard to learn and may drive some people away from the game. But not sure if world 3 fortress + boss is actually easier than learning wall clips :D

the question is: what is considered a glitch? wall clips and screen wraps of course, no discussion. the health underflow on world 2 boss for sure as well. But what about the quick attacking/attack cancelling by pressing down between shots? that should be considered a glitch as well, right? Is standing at the rear of world 1 boss to force him into not moving and shooting away from you a glitch? Defining glitchless is always kinda hard.

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I guess personally i'd define a glitch as doing anything that was not originally intended.

Wall clips/screen wraps for sure.

The quick attack would be more tricky, as i can imagine that may have been used normally in the past, so not sure.

Either way i'd 100% take up this game for a glitchless cat. I think as you said, it could attract more people.

Look at NG Low % and now Batman fist only (low % i guess)

Its worth the consideration.

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Michigan, USA

Maybe it could just be a no wall clip category, since I don't really think that the health underflow or those other small glitches turn people away from the game, & the rapid fire & boss 1 glitches make the game easier.

If the main point of the new category is to avoid the difficult clips, then maybe that should be the only thing that's banned?

United States

Personally I've thought about a "No Major Glitches" category. Some of the borderline tricks are "minor glitches" in my opinion, and would still be allowed. Keep in mind I'm not a mod, and this is just my own two cents. These are just my ideas, and I'm interested to see where the conversation leads.

Minor glitches (allowed):

  • rapid fire
  • locking the first boss in place
  • enemy/platform manipulation such as making a reaper fall through a floor, making a snowman despawn, or making the platform on 1-3 bonk the wall and turn back early (because all of these things can happen accidentally anyway, so we might as well just allow them)

Major glitches (not allowed):

  • wall clips
  • wall jumps (the old 1-4 trick)
  • screen wraps in world 2
  • health underflow glitch
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I like that FBS, you know this game inside out in fairness, so you should have a say.

Hopefully the mods can talk it over and come to a decision

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United States

One other glitch/exploit is that shots can double hit Medusa when you're up close. I'm leaning towards "minor glitch" for that one.

By the way, be careful what you wish for - in a NMG category without wall clips, you'll need to deal with more eggplant wizards! And the randomness of the 3-4 boss. It might be worth it to get a 3rd strength upgrade.

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Kentucky, USA

I plan on running this glitchless in the future.

  • wall clips
  • wall jumps (the old 1-4 trick)
  • screen wraps in world 2
  • health underflow glitch

^those were the things I was going to remove exactly.

Would A+B on controller 2 be allowed? (It lowers or raises shop prices, depending on the shop)

Pennsylvania, USA

I would say that should be allowed since it was built into the original code of the game with the intent to lower prices.

Pennsylvania, USA

I put in a request to Yelsraek to add the new "No Major Glitches" Category. We will see what he thinks about it and decides.

New Jersey, USA

Hi friends!

Any% No Major Glitches has been added to the leaderboard based upon the thread discussion.

Happy hunting!

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