Separate Category for JP version?
2 years ago
Michigan, USA

So a while back I speedran the Japanese version just to see the difference & stuff & some of the loads were slower as well as the final boss feeling a ton more difficult as well as the game itself being more difficult, but recently in the past week or so I realized there was a much easier way to defeat Medusa & that you could save a ton of time on the last level meaning the Japanese version is faster than the English version.

I talked to Fbs a bit & he suggested that it should be made into a separate category, since the loading times were different & the final level is so different as well & so I recorded a run so everyone could see the difference between the versions.

So yeah, what do y'all think?

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The final level does not autoscroll? Wow :D

I agree that it should be its' own category. Probably won't see many runs but the differences are big enough to split it.

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